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Impulse is a progressive raiding guild. Although not considered "hardcore", we are very serious about killing bosses and completing current heroic content with attempts at mythic difficulty.  We tend to finish in the top-ten of the combined servers of Madoran & Dawnbringer.  With that said, our actions, rules, and policies will be geared to continue on with this performance.

This is not the “old” Impulse.  Although this guild has had tremendous success in the past, it has also seen some turbulent times.   Impulse used to have a certain culture about it.  We were known for doing and saying anything we damn well pleased.  We were able to do that because we had the bodies to replace people that didn't like our style.  Times have changed and so has our roster.  A lot of “Old-Timers” have moved on.   So, to continue to move forward, some past practices have been or will be eliminated.


1.  RanksGM.  The GM runs every facet of the guild...PERIOD!  They will preside over and make decisions on any matter or delegate those decisions pertaining to any aspect of guild operations.  The GM may or may not consult with other leadership and may act accordingly.  The GM may make decisions “on-the-fly” as well and all decisions are final.

     Co-GM - Fills in when the GM is not logged on.  They have the same authority as the GM and are expected to conduct operations similar to established procedure.

     Raid Leader -  Raid Leaders are responsible for researching Boss fights, developing strategy, forming the raid (this includes optimizing raid composition), and narrating the boss fight.  Your mission is to kill raid boss "X".  You will be given the tools necessary to complete that mission.  The entire guild bank is at your disposal to assist.  It is imperative that you converse with guild leadership as to any needs or issues that arise prior to, during, and after a raid.  Good communication is critical!  In addition you will designate a trusted DPS raider to distribute loot.

    Impulse Veteran - This rank is reserved for people that have been in or associated with Impulse for a long time.

    Raider - These are people that have the necessary skills/gear that can perform in a raid environment. 

    Member - Is a person that has been in the guild long enough to be trusted and seems to be compatible with the guild.  They are also trusted with a bit more access to the guild bank.

    Alt - Is an alternate toon

    Recruit - Is a person brand new to the guild.  Promotion from this rank is not "time-based".  As the guild becomes more comfortable with this person, a promotion may be in order.

    Luv ya but STFU - Is reserved for persons causing drama in the guild.  They will be demoted to this rank to gain control and this person will have no access to the guild bank nor can they see or type into guild chat.  They will remain at this rank until a solution is formed.  


Current performance, attendance, personnel skills, etc.  are key factors in determining what rank/status you have.  Past performance is also a factor; however, Impulse does not have a retirement policy.  That means just because you did “X” three expansions ago doesn't qualify you for a certain rank today.  If you just show up to raid you probably will not be in a leadership/veteran roll.  We ask the “what have you done for us lately” to determine your rank.


People in leadership/veteran roles are expected to:

1.  Be in Ventrilo while playing any toon.

2.  Actively recruit quality people into the guild – converse with Raid Leaders to see what classes/specs are needed – try to research people before inviting to guild.

3.  Donate and encourage donations to the guild bank.

4.  Have great personnel skills – defuse hostilities between members – Provide constructive criticism in a productive manner.

5.  Help others be better players.  This is not meant to “hold their hands” but simply share with them material where they can do research to improve.  Go over "WorldofLogs" with them.  Show them the correct path.

6.  Be active on our guild website and Facebook group – check them daily.

7.  Attendance – Be on more than the average player.

8.  Organize groups for guild achievements and guild dungeon runs to earn gold for the bank.

9.  Don’t cause drama.  You may not agree with every decision made.  Remember we are here to kill bosses.  Don’t get dragged down into the weeds and keep moving forward!


2.  Raiding - The Raid Leader is in charge of the raid.  Although input may be sought out and given by others, the Raid Leader will determine the raid’s agenda (only the GM/Co-GM can override).

1.  Be on time.  If you are going to be late, then prior notification needs to be given to guild leadership.  Use the website/Facebook/in-game mail/text whatever but let them know.

2.  Show up prepared.  Do the proper research on the bosses we will encounter.  Showing up to a boss fight is not the time to go watch a video.

3.  Although provided, you should still have flasks/food/potions/runes for your toon...withdraw out of guild bank prior to raid.

4.  As stated above, we are a progressive raiding guild.  As such, we have selected players based upon class/spec.  At no time will anyone randomly decide to switch their main raiding toon with another without permission from the Raid Leader and GM or Co-GM.  If allowed to switch, your toon must be within 5 item item levels of the toon you swapped from.  We also may impose restrictions on loot such as waiting 3-4 raids before loot is awarded to you.

5.  We will not allow you to “cycle” through your pure DPS toons.  What this means is that if you have a main toon that is a pure DPS toon, you will not switch to your other pure DPS toons to be geared up on guild raids.   Sorry but you can go PUG or use LFR for that.  That also means do not use guild consumables for that second pure DPS toon, buy them yourself.  Remember, we run additional raids to gear up others and we are relying on your main geared DPS toon to assist.  Also, do you really think a healer wants to heal for your 2nd or 3rd DPS toon?   If you want to gear up a healer or tank that is not a problem.

6.  Breaks – The Raid Leader will designate when and for how long breaks will be during raid.  You are expected to be back and ready to pull the boss when that break time runs out.  Do not keep other people waiting.

7.  Upon a wipe, you are expected to resurrect or release when told to do so.  Do not go AFK after a wipe…that is what breaks are for.

8.  Once in the raid, do not depart or hearth anywhere…this includes breaks.  Please do not ask for a summons back. Transmog or get gems/enchants after raid. 

9.  Only the Raid Leader will call for a wipe after the start of a boss fight.  You need to continue focusing on your job and let the raid leader worry about calling for a wipe.

10.  If you die during a fight then simply state your dead.  We do not need a 20 minute dissertation on all the specifics….keep Ventrilo clear!

11.  We currently use /roll to distribute loot  If you have been absent, unreliable, or take long periods off from playing WoW, regardless of reason, then don’t expect to get gear.  The needs of the guild will come first!  If you are here just to get loot….this probably is not the guild for you.

12.  Raid awareness and a decent computer.  If you like to stand in fire or your computer lags so bad you can’t get out of fire, then you may not be raiding very long.  Please research how to reduce lag.  Ensure add-ons are updated and turn off anything unnecessary.

13.  Mandatory add-ons are:  Ventrilo (must be able to hear and speak) and Deadly Boss Mods.  Ensure they are updated prior to invites.


3.  General Rules – To keep Impulse a cohesive and unified guild, some general rules need to be adhered to.

1.  Treat everyone with respect.  It’s alright to joke around but you had better know your audience beforehand.  If you are unsure if your comments will be taken the wrong way or not, you should just keep them to yourself.  Certain subjects cause a lot of heartache and drama such as politics, race, and religion.  Make sure you should know your audience before engaging.

2.  Racism will not be tolerated from anyone regardless of rank or status.  What you think is funny or amusing may not be to others and in fact could be very offensive.  Any use of it could jeopardize your stay in Impulse.  Bottom line- keep your mouth shut on this topic.

3.  Don’t act a fool in trade chat or anywhere else for that matter.  People know what guild you are in and you had better represent us well.  If you are a troll in trade chat…this is not the guild for you.

4.  The guild bank operates off of donations and we encourage everyone to donate what they can.  If you need something just ask.  We hate thieves.  If you are caught taking items out of our bank and selling them or their byproducts, we consider that stealing and you will be removed from the guild.


The above rules & policies are not all inclusive and can be added to, changed, or deleted at any time. - JW

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